David Young

Vice President, Southwest Regional Director of Interstate Billing Service, Inc

One Less Hat to Wear (Roundtable Discussion)

Outsourcing accounts receivables alleviates the need to be expert in multiple fields

  • Any given day, a shop owner needs to cover multiple responsibilities:  Actual skill-set, owner, office manager, risk manager, credit manager, collections manager, marketing director, mail clerk, etc..
  • How much time do you devote to:
    • collecting bad debt
    • investigating and approving credit
    • handling billing and statements
    • helping to grow your business
    • managing cash flow
  • What opportunities and risks have you been able to take for your shop by outsourcing.
    • Growth potential
    • Customer follow-up and follow-through


Tim Spurlock

President & Co-Founder of American Diesel Training Centers

Finding and Retaining Diesel Technicians

By 2025, there will be more mechanic openings in the United States than working mechanics. A 2017 AED study in conjunction with William and Mary estimated that equipment dealers alone lose $2.4 billion dollars of revenue a year due to technician shortages. Whether it is a shop, a dealer or a transportation company, one open mechanic position for 45 days costs that company a minimum of $62,000 in revenue. Industry needs more than 30,000 new mechanics per year to enter the profession but U.S. Schools are producing roughly 5,000. Baby boomers are retiring in record numbers. Industry continues to grow, needing more technicians every year.

But there is a second challenge and that is retaining your most valuable asset….your employees. The diesel technician is two-fold. Finding AND retaining quality diesel technicians. Employee turnover costs companies billions of dollars in lost opportunity and resources spent training.

  • U.S. Education output of new mechanics entering the profession
  • Industry demand
  • How we solve this
    • New ways of thinking
    • Where tomorrow’s (talking months, not years) new technicians are
    • Where to find them
    • How to train them
    • How to retain them
  • The guaranteed solution to the mechanic shortage and how to execute

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