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TRACK B – Marketing & Sales

March 24


How to Become a 24-Hour Marketing Machine 

Presented by: Larry Monroe, DRIVE

The key to effective marketing is to never stop marketing. Constant efforts to develop and grow your business is essential to sustainability – why would you want to stop? Understanding the concepts of effective communication, the relation to marketing and how it has elevated you to this point in your business is crucial. This workshop will teach you: 

  • The importance of marketing and customer retention 
  • Communication is necessary to build and maintain relationships 
  • Marketing is more than just fliers; it’s a smile, friendly voice and the quality of the service you provide


How to Create a “Customers for Life” Mentality in Your Shop

Presented by: Gloria Russo, DRIVE

You have a steady flow of new customers coming through your shop each month. But some don’t always return. When you and your team embrace the “customers for life” mentality, you’ll create long-lasting relationships with your customers and their families for years to come. This workshop will cover: 

  • Essential elements of building trust, as well as developing and nurturing these relationships 
  • Implementing an effective referral program 
  • The importance of public relations and how this impacts customer retention 


Ten Telephone Tips that will Take You to the Top

Presented by: Jim Goepfrich, DRIVE

The most commonly used, but hardly ever trained on, tool in your shop is the telephone. Think for a moment about how frequently your shop phone rings and the potential revenue that lays in each phone call. The handling of these conversations can make or break your business. This workshop will draw attention to 10 key points that will help you achieve the main purpose of the call … to get the vehicle into your shop. We will discuss: 

  • How non-verbal communication is just as critical as verbal communication, even when the customer can’t see you 
  • The importance of listening actively and attentively 
  • Proven techniques to help keep your team focused on the sale 
  • Why you NEVER offer quotes by phone – we all know this, yet some still do it


Essentials of Public Relations and Social Networking 

Presented by: Larry Monroe, DRIVE

Establishing good PR in your shop means having a strong brand presence, a positive online footprint and an overall effective message for your customers and your community. This workshop will take a deep-dive into the various elements of public relations, providing you with the tools you need to set your shop apart from the rest. We will discuss: 

  • Social media’s role in developing your brand identity 
  • How marketing and public relations work hand-in-hand 
  • PR actions that weave marketing and social media together into a comprehensive statement 


March 24
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Savannah Riverfront Marriot
1000 General McIntosh Blvd
Savannah, GA 31401 United States




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